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Support Groups


San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation aims to meet the needs of our brain tumor community here in San Diego by providing a support system to help patients and their families navigate the world of living with a brain tumor. Because we know that a brain tumor diagnosis can feel isolating, our foundation wants to connect patients to each other for emotional support.

Currently, we offer two monthly groups that give patients, their caregivers, friends and family the ability to share their hardships and triumphs throughout their medical journey. During each group session, members are given the opportunity to share what they have recently experienced in their brain tumor journey, ask questions of other members regarding diagnoses, treatment, doctors and the like. Along with the emotional benefits that support groups can have on patients, scientists have linked group support to a greater tolerance of cancer treatment and a reduction in tension, fatigue anxiety and confusion. Throughout the years, many of the patients and caregivers the San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation has come into contact with have voiced their deep appreciation to the foundation for making these groups available.

Please note that the group is free of charge and no reservation is required.

There are no Support Group meetings in December. In place of Support Group, we do a Holiday Dinner for the group members. Thank you for your understanding.

Below are the times for both groups:

First Tuesday of every month (6:30pm–8:30 pm)

Second Tuesday of every month (6:30pm–8:30 pm)

At this time, both support groups are held virtually. If you would like to participate, please contact us

The meeting is open to patients, family members and caregivers. We look forward to seeing you there and walking with you on your brain tumor journey!