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Questions to Ask Your Doctor

The documents below are questions for newly diagnosed brain tumor patients. They are designed to put you in control of your life again and help you make proactive choices. The first is a basic guide to getting the answers you need right away. The second is more in-depth addressing more specific treatment and insurance questions.

10 Important Questions to Ask your Doctor

Preparing for Neurosurgery

You recently learned that you are going to have neurosurgery for a brain tumor or similar disorder. There are many questions filling your mind. What happens during brain surgery? How can you help yourself be ready for this type of procedure? This article will get you started in the right direction. Read More

Understanding Brain Metastases

This booklet provides a basic introduction to brain metastases, symptoms and treatments.
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Provided by the American Brain Tumor Association

Suggested Web Resources

American Brain Tumor Association
Phone: 847-827-9910
Patient Line: 800-886-2282

At Your Home Family Care

Caring Bridge

The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation

Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation

Epilepsy Foundation (Seizure Management)
Toll Free: (800) 332-1000
San Diego Affiliate Direct: (619) 296-0162


National Brain Tumor Society

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

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