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Making A Difference

The San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation (SDBTF) is here to Support the Needs of Patients and their Families. We make a difference in the San Diego Community by helping patients and their families cope with having a brain tumor.

We hold monthly support groups where patients and their families can share their concerns, their fears and their hopes. In any given month we have 15-40 people in attendance at each support group. Many people call this their extended family.

We provide financial assistance to those that cannot work and need help in paying their monthly rent or mortgage, their medical bills, and provide groceries and gas cards to families as needed.

In the past 3 years SDBTF has paid over $100,000 in rent, mortgage, medical bills and other services for over 30 patients and families.

The San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation is able to provide this support to those in need, due to the many sponsors and individual donors that donate to SDBTF. This allows us to make a difference in our community.

  • I just wanted to commend you and your team on a great event.  Each year our company does a walk in support of a worthwhile cause.  So we have had a lot of experience in various walks over the years. This was one of the most enjoyable we have done!

    – La Donna D.

  • My husband, Dave, and I received services from the San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation that significantly helped both of us over the course of his terminal illness. Through their monthly support group, we found resources and referrals that were current and relevant. I also made profound friendships that continue to this day.

    – Marion P.

  • The SDBTF gave me hope, when I thought there was none.

    – Mary G

  • The San Diego Brian Tumor Foundation has always been the “light in the storm”. The emotional support, friendships, and love that we have received have been a true blessing. My husband, Gary, has passed away, but I will be forever grateful to the people connected with the foundation. Gary always referred to them as “his people” and I do as well. Thank you for your continued love and support.

    – Tracey G.

  • My health insurance didn’t pay for everything, including expensive chemotherapy medications and physician visits. The San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation helped us many times by paying for not only those medications, but our house payments and HOA fees. The friends we’ve met through the two monthly support groups have been an immense resource for information as well as for much needed hugs and empathy. The unfortunate journey we share is binding. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without SDBTF.

    – Deb A.

  • The San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation has been a wonderful resource of support for our family during my husband’s battle with brain cancer, as well as, after he passed. I can’t imagine going through this journey without them by my side.

    – Andrea P.

  • SDBTF is truly a guiding light to those of us who suffer when brain cancer comes unexpectedly knocking. I lost my wonderful career and my savings as I had to have surgery and long months of treatment. SDBTF stepped in to help me keep a roof over my head and get a new bed to lay my head on at night. Both generous gifts have allowed me to live with a little dignity in the face of this battle for my life. With a humble and grateful heart, I thank each of the donors for their contributions to help as each who contributes is essentially saving a life by allowing a good human being to continue to fight a little harder!

    – Jonathan W.

  • My name is Kristy and I am the mother of 4 boys. In July 2010, my son was just 4 years old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After surgery, he was left unable to walk, speak or eat. My husband had to quit his job in order to take care of him full time. The San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation assisted us in our house payments, meals and presents for the children during his treatment. The SDBTF continues to support his on-going out of pocket expenses for all of his follow up treatments (PT, OT, speech, endocrinology, and ophthalmology). We are so extremely grateful for all of their support. It really makes life easier when you can focus on taking care of a sick child and not having to worry about how the bills will get paid! Thank you for the bottom of my heart!!!

    – Kristy F.

  • As a 16 year survivor of brain cancer, I am so thankful for the support of the San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation. During the early years of my survivorship, I leaned heavily on the San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to battle this disease without their support.

    – Charlie R.

  • Coming to SDBTF meetings while my husband was battling brain cancer gave me much-needed practical support.  This came in the form of affirmation that I was not the only caretaker who found few neuro-oncologists in San Diego, that it was okay to feel overwhelmed with insurance and Social Security questions, and that my husband’s extreme fatigue from treatment was a common experience.  From this practical support, I derived much-needed emotional support (even though I didn’t want to admit it).  Taking my place in the circle of chairs each month helped me stabilize my emotions.

    – Rose S.

  • SDBTF came along side us and helped us get through a time in our life where the light at the end of the tunnel was dim and hard to see. Our focus was solely on our 2 year old son’s recovery and when we felt stretched beyond our ability, they provided financial support that helped us bridge the gap. Without their support I don’t know how we would have survived, we are so thankful for the great work they do.

    – Kara R.